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Benefits of Sprouted Fodder
There are many benefits to be found from using fresh barley and wheat grass and spouted grains that has been organically and hydroponically grown. When grains are sprouted, it releases many vitamins and minerals as well as converting hard to digest starches in easily digestible proteins. Some of the benefits include: 
  • Water use reduction and conservation compared to field irrigation
  • Reduction in overall daily feed costs. 
  • Significant reduction if feed waste - the entire root mass is consumed with the grass
  • Increased nutritional value in the feed
  • High yield in a very small area
  • Increase your independence by growing food for your animals with no need for cultivated land
  • High digestibility
  • Vitamins & mineral saturation
  • Phytate reduction for pH normalization
  • Enzymatic activity increase
  • Increases in Omega 3, amino acids, natural hormones
  • Hedge the increase in feed costs by pre-buying large quantities of grain to have on hand
  • On-demand availability of fresh green feed 365 days a year - all season access. 
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